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Facts about barbiturates & tranquilizers

Содержание Risks of Amytal abuse Neurocognitive Disorders How addiction develops: Who is most at risk of abuse? What happens when you mix sedatives with other medications? Are also effective in this respect (Ibrahim et al., 2015; Madrigal-Santillán et al., 2015; Chaphalkar et al., 2017). Recently a number of reviews have been published on the topic […]

7 Tips for Enjoying a Sober Holiday

Content The preeminent mental health and substance use disorder treatment programs for adolescents and young adults Tips for Staying Sober During the Holidays Sober Holidays Tip: Uncover Holiday Myths and Adjust Expectations Find Therapy and Psychiatry by Location No icy lager, no sundowners: could you handle a sober holiday? It can be tough to revisit […]

Six Ways to Cope With Loneliness Without Alcohol

Content The Dangers of Loneliness Jul 7 Ways To Overcome Loneliness in Addiction Recovery Those Suffering from Addiction and Loneliness May Not Know There’s a Way Out Start Volunteering in Your Community Medical Director New Patients What is Loneliness? One day I went in on the worst day I can remember in recent history. Once […]