Aflorithmic costs $ 1 3 million for AI-driven personalized audio-as-a-service TechCrunch


Aflorithmic Labs secures £1 million Seed investment from Crowd Media Holdings

Brandon Kaplan founded Skilled Creative in 2017 and continues to serve as CEO. The agency is well known for delivering voice AI strategy, solutions, and analytics for top media and consumer good companies ranging from Meredith and HBO to Pottermore and Pepsico. Kaplan also serves as Chief Innovation Officer of the combined company while directly managing the voice AI business. We discuss the past, present, and future of voice AI, how enterprises are managing the shift to conversation, and the value of the Journey agency model. In 2020, there was a spike in the demand for podcasts and audiobooks as traditional audio production methods are expensive, time-consuming, and extremely tough to personalise and scale across all stages.

AI-driven audio cloning startup gives voice to Einstein chatbot – Yahoo Singapore News

AI-driven audio cloning startup gives voice to Einstein chatbot.

Posted: Fri, 16 Apr 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Tom Hebner is the Global Head of Innovation at Nuance Communications. He has been at the company since 1999 by way of acquisition in 2008, so has had a front-row seat to observe the evolution of voice technology in the modern era. He spent most of his early career in voice user experience design before moving into cloud and innovation groups.

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Tom earned an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Villanova and Masters in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Princeton. We talk voice industry history, voice UX, Nuance and enterprise voice assistants. This week we have four interviews conducted onsite at ConverCon in Dublin in October 2019. First up is Katie McMahon, GM of SoundHound, a leading custom voice assistant development platform, and my guest on Episode #1 of the Voicebot Podcast.

James Chapman is VP and GM of music and wearables at Qualcomm, which means he oversees both hearables and smart watches. Qualcomm is a driving force behind the chips that make each subsequent hearable generation more powerful and more power-efficient. Chapman arrived at Qualcomm in 2015 as part of the $2.4 billion CSR acquisition where he oversaw 400 engineers and later led the company’s auto, CE, and IoT segments. Before CSR, Chapman spent many years in engineering and product roles at Broadcom. Since arriving at Qualcomm, among other accomplishments, Chapman oversaw the rollout of the QCC1541 chip which is the workhorse of the true wireless earbuds market today.

Emerging Trends in Conversational AI

Karen co-founded a smart clothing company, Sensilk and more recently founded Robot Futures Consulting where she has worked with self-driving car company NIO and toy maker Lego. Karen earned degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Waterloo and currently aidriven audio cloning voice to chatbot works from Basel, Switzerland. Keyvan Mohajer is co-founder and CEO of Soundhound, known for the app that will tell you in seconds what song is playing. Mark Lippett joined XMOS in 2006 as VP of Engineering and was later promoted to COO and then CEO about three years ago.

aidriven audio cloning voice to chatbot

AIPEX now has a shared service instance of Alexa for Hospitality which makes the solution scalable and easy to use for other property owners, hotels, and assisted living communities. Dana shares in detail his journey building the first self-service solution for vacation rental and hotel owners, the key use cases, and evolution of the company. Atomic Reach uses artificial intelligence to improve your content marketing efforts based on engagement data.

The Internet of Things Podcast – Stacey On IoT

This week we’re reading about AI’s ability to increase jobs, Google’ attempt to squash cultural bias in algorithms and more. We at the Institute read anything about AI that we can get our hands on. DXi has developed an AI-powered solution that uses machine learning to boost conversions across both ecommerce and brick and mortar businesses. We talked with founder and CEO Srinivas Kilambi to learn how DXi works.

Learn about how many people have shopped using voice, what they bought, what device they used and what they think about it all. Also, download the report and follow along if you can. Adam Marchick sat down to discuss his journey with Voice Labs and Alpine AI and the recent acquisition by Headspace. He breaks down the three phases of Voice Labs + Alpine and why Headspace wanted to bring the company in house. Adam earned both Computer Science and MBA degrees at Stanford.

Enterprise Bot

The Splunk platform makes it easy to customize Splunk Enterprise to meet the needs of any project. Developers can build custom Splunk applications or integrate Splunk data into other applications. Apps from Splunk, our partners and our community enhance and extend the power of the Splunk platform.

All the AI and machine learning news you need this week. Read on to find out how Uber Eats is dominating the food delivery industry with AI, Google and Facebook’s aidriven audio cloning voice to chatbot talent war, and Kai-Fu Lee’s AI funding recommendation. Marketing AI Institute’s weekly roundup of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Real-Time Adherence: Keeping Contact Center Agents on Track

AI Academy for Marketers offers a private, members-only Slack community to ensure our members feel supported along their educational journey. Optimize your brand’s tone of voice to drive traffic and increase conversions with this AI tool. AI-powered chat can accelerate revenue for your business. In many industries, market forces influenced by the pandemic accelerate the need for AI-driven insights.

Retailers must rethink their contact center strategy to support the new normal of omnichannel selling by incorporating new technologies. Zach Johnson is CEO and co-founder of Xandra, a conversation design studio. Earlier in his career, he was CEO at SPARK Bureau and Atmail. Way back in the 1990’s he was with iXL in Boston and Germany during the rapid rise of the web. He is a graduate of the New School and today splits time between Australia and New York. Xandra has worked on some of the highest profile Alexa skills available today including Westworld The Maze, The Sponge Bob Challenge, and Sesame Street.

  • However, using real-time communication using a live voicebot, you can provide personalised answers to your customers’ questions instantly and prevent them from leaving your website for answers.
  • The other thing is that, you know, lots of people have hypothesized that generative language models like GPT-3 could be used to create disinformation.
  • Carrying the emerging technology theme, the show, which premieres this summer, will be a weekly examination of the latest in science and technology.
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